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June 9, 2009 de la

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globeWHF1 embleme IET

Pe rmanent Mission of the Arab League – Report Conclusions of the Independent Fact Finding Committee on Gaza,

Laegue Of Arab States

Presented by :
Professor John DUGARD, Chairman of the Committee,
The UNWHF Human Rights Commission, meeting in Geneva, has been told that the situation is now so serious that only an international force in the region can bring an end to the violence.
La Commission des Nations Unies UNWHF, en reunion a Geneve et a Bruxelles le 9 Juin 2009 a RESIDENCE PALACE – Rue de la Loi 155 – BE-1040 Brussels
Phone : 0032474276857

Hanan AshrawiHanan Ashrawi addresses the commission
The Palestinian representative called on the EU to become more involved
UN Rapporteur J DUGARDJohn Dugard, the commission’s special investigator to the Palestinian territories, presented a report detailing a string of human rights violations.
Professeur John DUGARD, President de la Commission Special d’Investigation pour les Territoires Palestiniens, mandate par l’ONU, a presente un rapport detaille des violations des Droits Humains par Israel en Territoire Palestiniens

They included the indiscriminate killing of civilians by both sides; the destruction of Palestinian homes by the Israeli military; the detention of children and the continuing settlement of Israeli communities on Palestinian land.
Incluant les preuves des meurtres perpetres par l’Armee Israelienne sur les populations civiles, y compris des Juifs vivant a Ghaza ; la detention d’enfants, la destruction des habitations et des structures necessaires a la vie quotidienne des populations.

His report concludes that the two parties are unable to bring the violence to an end by themselves and that an international peace-keeping force is now imperative.
Ce rapport conclu que les deux parties en presence sont incapables de regler durablement leurs problemes et que la mise en place du programme UNWHF est la solution aux problemes socio-economiques des deux pays, pour l’installation d’une paix durable

But the Israeli Government refused to co-operate with Mr Dugard during his visits to the region, claiming he had no authority.
Le Gouvernement Israelien a refuse de co-operer avec le Professeur John Dugard durant la visite de la Commission dans la region, clamant qu’il n’avait aucune autorite.

Gonzalo BOYEMr Gonzalo BOYE, member of the Commission for application of Human Rights, confirm that the European Parliament Commission composed by Ms Marina LE PEN, Ms for the Isreal’s relations are not presents and no participations –

El abogado de una víctima del 11-M ejerce la defensa de una etarra del grupo Donosti
El letrado Gonzalo Boye, que representa a una víctima en el juicio del 11-M, ejerce además la defensa de la presunta etarra Lorea Irigoyen Arbizu, arrestada en marzo en la operación de la Guardia Civil contra el grupo Donosti. Así figura en el recurso interpuesto contra el procesamiento de Irigoyen al que ha tenido acceso Libertad Digital, en el que el abogado alega que el único vínculo de Irigoyen con ETA es su relación de pareja con otro imputado. Boye, que fue condenado a diez años de cárcel por colaborar con ETA en el secuestro de Emiliano Revilla, recusó a uno de los peritos autores del informe de los explosivos por ser miembro de la AVT. VEA DENTRO EL RECURSO QUE FIRMA BOYE.
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Geneva Convention Did Not Apply To Terrorists
on March 30, 2009 lawcom-lawyer-ex-us-officials-must-face-torture-charges –
Six former Bush administration officials accused in a Spanish complaint of sanctioning the torture of terror suspects should come to Spain to face justice, a human rights lawyer urged Monday. If they are innocent they shouldn’t be afraid, lawyer Gonzalo Boye, one of the rights lawyers behind the complaint, told The Associated Press in an interview. The case against the American officials — including former Attorney General Alberto Gonzales and former Undersecretary of Defense Douglas Feith — was brought by human rights lawyers before Spain’s investigative judge Baltasar Garzon, who has sent it on to prosecutors to see if the charges merit a full investigation.It alleges the men gave legal cover to the torture of terrorism suspects at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, by claiming that the U.S. president could ignore the Geneva Conventions and by adopting an overly narrow legal definition of torture.In addition to Gonzales and Feith, the complaint names former Vice President Dick Cheney’s chief of staff David Addington; Justice Department officials John Yoo and Jay S. Bybee; and Pentagon lawyer William Haynes.Spanish law gives its courts jurisdiction beyond national borders in cases of torture or war crimes, based on a doctrine known as universal justice, though the government has recently said it hopes to limit the scope of the legal process.

Cartes Diplomatique WHFOn the 9 june 2009,in Residence Palace, the European Union is represented by Her Royal Highness, princess EDWIGE Vincent Caudie de Bourbon, she confirm the importance to put in place the World Human Facility program of United Nations, and the Private Budget WHF for all, to avoid conflicts, forced immigrations – As you know, Palestinians are obliged working in Israel to obtain their ressources, or in fact they are very rich, because Palestinian on Gaza has the most important ressources in GAZ
L’Union Europeenne etait representee par S.A.R. Princesse Edwige Vincent Caudie de Bourbon, elle confirme l’importance de la mise en place immediate du programme World Humann Facility WHF, pour que tous les conflits cessent immediatement, ainsi que les immigrations forcees – Comme vous le savez, les Palestiniens sont obliges de travailler en Israel pour assurer leur vie quotidienne, alors que la Palestine Bande de Ghaza est une des regions les plus riches en GAS.

In another rebuff, Israel’s representative to the commission dismissed the report’s findings, saying Israel would continue to defend itself against terrorist attacks.
‘Nation in captivity’
Hanan Ashrawi
Hanan Ashrawi, representing the Palestinian Authority, received applause from commission delegates following a speech in which she talked of the pain of a nation in captivity.
Hanan Ashrawi, representante des Autorites Palestinienne, a ete tres applaudi par les delegues de la Commission des Droits Humains pour son discours du Malheur d’une Nation en Captivite
Mrs Ashrawi called on the European Union to become more involved in the peace process, claiming this would provide a balance to what she described as the favouritism of the United States towards Israel.
Mrs Ashrawi a demande a l’Union Europeenne d’intervenir afin de solutionner le processus de Paix, mentionnant que les Etats Unis ne devait plus faire de favoritisme vis a vis d’Israel.

Professor Paul DE WAART , member of the Commission of Gaza, is a Flamish personnality :
livre Paul de Waart 2006Professeur Paul DE WAART, membre de la Commission de Ghaza, est une personnalite Belge Flamande :Paul de Waart,
Professor of International Law, University of Amsterdam – The Netherlands
Paul de Waart has been a journalist from 1952 to 1962. In 1962 he entered the Development cooperation department of the Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs in The Hague until 1978. In 1974 was appointed extraordinary professor of international law at the Faculty of Law VU University Amsterdam. In 1978 full professor of international law. Emeritus professor of international law since 1997. He has been member of the ad Hoc United Nations Group of Experts on the Right to Development (1981-1987) and Chair joint Academic Project “Dynamics of Self-Determination” of Israeli, Palestinian and Western researchers from 1988 to 1993. Member of the former committees of the International Law Association on Legal Aspects of a New International Economic Order (1980-1992) and Legal Aspects of Sustainable Development (1992 ‚Äì 2002), since 2002 he is also member of the current Committee on the International Law of Sustainable Development. His publications include books and articles on human rights, development issues and international settlement of disputes.
* Nico Schrijver, Willem van Genugten, Kees Homan, Paul de Waart, The United Nations of the Future. Globalisation with a Human Face, Amsterdam: KIT Publishers, 2006, 304 p. ‘The Future of the Charter of the United Nations’, in: Max Planck Yearbook of United Nations Law (2006), “Les valeurs fondamentales et le droit des Nations Unies”, Colloque sur la Chartre des Nations Unies, Paris, 2006.
Avec Nicki Boldt, Björn Elberling, Nicholas Li, Richard Norman, Otto Spijkers, Tobias Thienel,
Universiteit of LEUVEN2
The Invisible College
Ils sont membres comme Jacques Attali, Mi
WorldPoliticalForum WPF

Gianfranco Pittator - CIO of CRAL FoundationPresidency CRAL Foundation, Gianfranco Pittator
Andrea Comba - CIO of the CRT Foundation - ITALYPresidency CRT Foundation, Andrea COMBA
<img src=”” alt=”Paolo Filippi – CIO of Alessandria” title=”Paolo Filippi – CIO of Alessandria” width=”100″ height=”123″ class=”alignnone size-full wp-image-144″ />Presidency Province of Alessandria, Paolo Filippi
Antoinio Saita - CIO Province of TurinPresidency Province of Turin
Mercedes Bresso - CIO Region of PiedmontPresidency Region of Piedmont, Mercedes BRESSO
Giulio Andreotti - Prime Minister Of ITALYGiulio Andreotti, Secretaire du Pape, Premier Ministre Italy, Secretary of the Pope, Prime Minister of Italy
Oscar Arias Sanchez - Pdt of Costa RicaOscar Arias Sanchez, President du Costa Rica
Jacques Attali - CIO of the European Bank for DevJacques Attali, President de la Banque Europeenne de Developpement, President of The European Bank of Development
Alexandr Bessmertnykh - Foreign Minister RussiaAlexandr Bessmertnykh, Foreign Office of Russia, Ministre des Affaires Etrangeres de Russie
Benazir Bhutto - Former Prime Minister PakistanFormer Prime Minister of Pakistan, Premier Ministre du Pakistan, Benazir Bhutto – assassinee –
Paul BONO - Singer Human Rights Activist IRELAND Paul Bono, Singer Human Rights Activistics IRELANDE, Chanteur activist aupres de l’UN
Aldo Bonomi - Founder of AASTER - ItalyAldo Bonomi, Founder of AASTER – Italy – Foundateur de AASTER
Boutros Boutros Ghali - Gen Sec of UN - EgyptBoutros Boutros-Ghali, Secretaire General des Nations Unies, ONU, General Secretary of United Nations NU
Algirdas Brazauskas - Prime Minister of LithuaniaAlgirdas Brazauskas, Prime Minister of LITHUANIA, Premier Ministre de LITHUANIE
Michel Camdessus - CIO of International Monetary Found - FranceMichel Camdessus, President du Fond Monetaire International, President of the International Monetary Fund, FMI
Fernando H CARDOSO - President of BrazilFernando H. Cardoso, President of Brazil, President du Bresil, famille CARDOSO-BARROSO-SUAREZ,
Luigi Guidobono Cavalchini - CIO UniCredit Private Banking ITALYLuigi Guidobono Cavalchini, President de UniCredit Banque Italie, CIO of the UniCredit Private Banking ITALY
HE Mgr Fernando CHARRIER - Bishop of Alessandria - ItalyH.E. Mons. Fernando Charrier, Monseigneur Charrier et Eveque d’Alessandria, Mons. Charrier is Bishop of Alessandria
Sergio Chiamparino- Mayor of Turin ITALYSergio Chiamparino, Maire de Turin Italie, Burgmeister of Turini, Mayor of Turin
Giulietto Chiesa - Journalist of the European Parliament ITALYGiulietto Chiesa, Journalist of the European Parliament for ITALY, Journaliste au Parlement Europeen pour ITALIE
Emilio Colombo - Senator PM of ItalyEmilio Colombo, Senator, Senateur, Prime Minister of Italy, Premier Ministre Italie
Francesco Cossiga - Senator President of ITALYFrancesco Cossiga, Senator, Senateur, President de l’Italie, President of the Italia Republic
Enrique Baron Crespo - Member of the European Parliament - SpainEnrique Baron Crespo, Membre du Parlement Europeen, European Parliament Member
Ralph Dahrandorf - member European Commission - GermanyRalf Dahrendorf, member of the EUROPEAN COMMISSION, membre de la Commission Europeenne
Gianni De Michelis - Member European Parliament - Foreigne Office ITALYGianni De Michelis, member of the European Parliament, membre du Parlement Europeen
Jacques Delors - Chaiman of European Comission - FRANCEJacques Delors, Chairman of the European Commission, President de la Commission Europeenne, President of the European Socialist Party, President du Parti Socialist Europeen,- Actuellement Actually : Jose Manuel Barroso
Carlo Mario Demicheli - Former Mayor of Bosco Marengo - ItalyCarlo Mario Demicheli, Maire de Bosco Marengo, Burgmeister von Bosco Marengo, Maoyor of Bosco Marengo – Italy
Gernot Erler - President of the SPD Baden Wurttemberg - GERMANYGernot Erler, President of the SPD Baden Wurttemberg – Allemagne – Germany
Hans Dietrich Genscher - Ministre Foreign Off of GermanyHans Dietrich Genscher, Ministre des Affaires Etrangeres de l’Allemagne, Minister Foreign Office of Germany
Enzo Ghigo - Member of the Regional Council of Piedmont - ITALY Enzo Ghigo, member of the Regional Council of Piedmont, Membre du Conseil de Region du Piedmont, Italie
Marshall Goldman - Kathryn Wasserman Davis  Prof Emeritus of Russian- Havard USAMarshall Goldman, Professeur Emeritus of Russian, Kathryn Wasserman Davis Institute – Harvard USA
Morisama Goya - Board Member of UNESCO - JapanMorimasa Goya
Andrei Grachev, Membre du Conseil de l’UNESCO – Japan, Japon
Inder Kumar Gujral - Prime Minister of INDIAInder Kumar Gujral, Premier Ministre de l’Inde, Prime Minister of India
Gyula Horn - Prime Minister of HungaryGyula Horn, Premier Ministre de Hongrie, Prime Minister of Hungary
Wojciech Jarulzelski - President of PolandWojciech Jaruzelski, President de Pologne, President of Poland
Pierre Joxe - Member of French Constitutional Council of FRANCEPierre Joxe, Ministry of Interior, Ministre de l’Interieur, Membre du Conseil Constitutionnel, Member of the Constitutional Council with President Jacques Chirac and Presidetn Valery Giscard d’Estaing- France
Toshiki Kaifu - Prime Minister of JAPANToshiki Kaifu, Prime Minister of Japan, Premier Ministre du Japon
Helmut Khol - Federal Chancellor of GermanyHelmut Kohl, President of CDU, President of Chretiens Democrates, Chancellier Federal d’Allemagne, Federal Chancellor of Germany – Actually, actuellement : Angela Merkel
Vincenzo Maddaloni - Journalist - ITALYVincenzo Maddaloni, Journalist Italy, Medias
Jack Matlock - US Ambassador to Russia - USJack Matlock, Ambassadeur des Etats Unis aupres de la Russie, Embassador of the USA for Russia
Federico Mayor Zaragoza - CIO of UNESCO - SpainFederico Mayor Zaragoza, Mayor of Zaragoza, President de l’UNESCO pour ESPAGNE – President of UNESCO for Spain,
Tadeus Mazowiecki - Prime Minister of POLANDTadeus Mazowiecki, Premier Ministre de Pologne, Prime Minister of Poland
Keba Mbaye - Vice Pdt International Court of Justice - SENEGALKeba Mbaye, Vice President of the International Court of Justice, Vice President de la Cour International de Justice, TPI, Tribunal Penal International de LA HAYE
Jiang Ming Jung - Pdt UN Ineter Academy Ecology - CHINAJiang Ming Jung, President des Nations Unies de l’Academie Internationale d’Ecologie, President of the International Academy of Ecology – The Green, les Verts, ALDE – China, Chine
Mgr Andrea di Montezemolo - Apostolic Nuncio - ITALYMons. Andrea di Montezemolo, Nonce Apostolique aupres de Sa Saintete le Pape Benoit XVI, Apostolic Nuncio for Holly See The Pope Benedict XVI
Klaus NAUMANN - Chairman of North Atlantic NATO Military Comittee - GermanyKlaus Naumann, President du Comite de l’Organisation Traite Atlantique Nord OTAN , President of the Committee of the Organization of the North Atlantic Treaty NATO – Germany
Nursultan Nazarbayev - Pdt of Republic of KAZAKHSTANNursultan Nazarbayev, President de la Republique du Kazakhstan,
Fabrizio Palenzona - Vice Pdt of UniCredit Group - ITALYFabrizio Palenzona, Vice President of Credit Unit Group – Italy
Georgi Parvanov - Pdt of BULGARIAGeorgi Parvanov, President de la BULGARIE, President of Bulgaria
Li Peng - Chairman Standing Committee National Peoples of CHINALi Peng, President du Comite National de la Republique Populaire de Chine, Chairman Standing Committee National People’s of China
Shimon PERES - Prime Minister of Israel - Nobel PriceShimon Peres, President of Israel, Nobel Price
Yevgeni Primakov - Prime Minister of RUSSIAYevgeni Primakov, Premier Ministre de Russie, Prime Minister of Russia – Actually, actuellement : Vladimir PUTIN
Alessandro Profumo - Director of UniCredit Group - ITALYAlessandro Profumo, Directeur de UniCredit Group, Director of UniCredit Group – ITALY
Jordi Pujol - President of Region of Catalonia - SPAINJordi Pujol, President de Region Catalogne, President of Region of Catalonia
Michel ROCARD - Member of European Parliament - FRANCEMichel Rocard, Membre du Parlement Europeen, Member of the European Parliament, Prime Minister of France, Premier Ministre de la France – Actuellement Actually : Francois FILLON
Deng Rong - Diplomatic China for the United StatesDeng Rong, Embassador Diplomatic Representation of China for USA, Ambassadeur de la Chine aupres des Etats Unis d’Amerique
Mara Scagni - Mayor of Alessandria - ITALYMara Scagni, Mayor of Alessandria
Oscar Luigi Scalfaro - Senator - Pdt of ITALYOscar Luigi Scalfaro, Senator, President de l’Italie
Rudolph Schuster - Pdt Slovac Republic - SlovakiaRudolf Schuster< president de la Slovaquie, President of Slovac Republic
Tadahiro Sekimoto - Institute International Socio Economics Studies JAPANTadahiro Sekimoto, President of Institute International Socio-Economics Studies in Japan
Achille Silvestrini - Great Chancellor of the Oriental Pontifical Institute - ITALYAchille Silvestrini, great Chancellor of the Oriental Pontifical Institute – Roma Italy – Holly See –
Lord Robert Skidelsky - Chairman Central Global Studies CGS - ENGLAND UKLord Robert Skidelsky, Chairman Central Global Studies CGS
Mario Soares - Member European Parliament - PORTUGALMario Soares, President of Portugal, Member of the European Parliament, membre du Parlement Europeen,
Archbishop Desmond Tutu - General Sec South Africa Council - SOUTH AFRICAArchbishop Desmond Tutu, Archeveque Desmond TUTU, Secretaire General du Conseil d’Afrique du Sud, General Secretary of South Africa
Hubert Vedrine - Minister of Foreign Affairs - FRANCEHubert Vedrine, Minister of Foreign Office for France, Ministre des Affaires Etrangeres de la France – Actuellement Actually = Dr Bernard KOUCHNER
Ilario Viano - Prof Chemoterapy Pdt Faculty of Medecine ITALYIlario Viano, Prof et Dr Chemoterapy, President de l’Ordre des Medecins de l’Italy – Actuellement Actually : President de l’Ordre des Medecins D’Europe Dr Fruhling, Academy Royale de Medecine de Bruxelles
Antje Vollmer - Vice Pdt of the Bundestag GERMANYAntje Vollmer, Vice President of the Bundestag – Allemagne
Milos Zeman - Prime Minister of the CZECH REPUBLICMilos Zeman, Premier Ministre de la Republique Tcheque, Prime Minister of the Czech Republic


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