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June 4, 2009

Les nouvelles voitures a AIR sont arrivees sur le marche – PLUS BESOIN DE PETROL – New Cars arrive motors with AIR finish Petrol


voiture a AIR1

voiture a AIR2

and after the OBAMA Wagen, the First Lady Michelle OBAMA write to the EIT European Institute Technologie – et apres la OBAMA auto notre ami la First Lady Micelle OBAMA nous adresse a l’IET ce petit message d’espoir pour tous ceux qui luttent pour que les Droits Humains ne soient plus un reve mais une realite

The White House, Washington White House Logo

Happy Father’s Day,

I’m writing to share a special video of Barack talking about fatherhood, but first I want to share some thoughts of my own.

My father, Frasier Robinson, was the rock of our family. Although he was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in his early thirties, he was our provider, our champion and our hero.

He worked tirelessly through good days and bad to make sure my brother and I had every opportunity he didn’t — to go to college and pursue our dreams. His example continues to guide me every day.

Barack didn’t have my good fortune — his father left when he was just two years old. But he has always been determined to give our daughters what he never had, and he values being a good father more than any other accomplishment in his life.

On Friday, Barack brought some men (and a bunch of kids!) to the White House to talk about fatherhood. Check out a video of the event:

Happy Fathers Day

We all know the remarkable impact fathers can have in our children’s lives. So today, on this 100th anniversary of Father’s Day, take a moment to celebrate responsible fatherhood and the men who’ve had the courage to step up, be there for our families, and provide our children with the guidance, love and support they need to fulfill their dreams.


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